Sun Catcher Garden Decor

Large Garden Décor Ornaments Set of 5 'Daisies'

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SunCatcher Garden Ornament 'Daisy'

Looking to add a dash of colour and glow to your flowers, garden, patio or inside space? These cheerful daisies bring vibrant reflective colour to any indoor or outdoor space, glowing from dawn to dusk with just a little bit of light needed to start them shining.  

About these SunCatchers ...

This Set of 5 SunCatchers Daisy consists of:
- five wide, glowing light collectors in a choice of red, orange, yellow, green or blue
- five 75cm long, black swing rods
- matching support rings and end caps

Planted each one is about 70cm high and looks great in your flower bed, pot, or patio or even in a bunch of flowers to make it that bit more special and long-lasting.

What are SunCatcher?

SunCatcher are a new and unique form of garden decoration. They collect the light of the sun and shine for you when the sun is not shining. SunCatcher come in various colours, shapes, and sizes. You will find a huge variety of small, midsize, and large flowers, little geckos, sheep, or owls as well as small and big butterflies, kites and even wind spinners. All designed to add some extra colour to your garden.   

How do SunCatcher work?

SunCatcher transform short wave spectral light we cannot see into long wave visible light. Accordingly, they are at their brightest when there is less visible light around us. In the early hours as well as in the late hours of the day or when the sun is hiding behind clouds, they will gather the light we cannot see and bring it back to us the brightest red, green, yellow orange and blue, just when we miss it most. SunCatcher work all year long and do not need any battery or power supply. Just a little bit of daylight is enough to start the glow. 

Dimensions 400×180×30mm
Manufacturer Sun Catcher Garden Decor
Manufacturing country United Kingdom