Sun Catcher Garden Decor

Large Customised Garden Décor Ornament

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Sun Catcher Customised Ornament Memory Token

Looking for a long lasting personalised all year round colouful ornament to remember a loved one? These bespoke decorations glow from dawn to dusk all year round and can be used inside and outside in any setting where there is a little bit of natural light. You can customise your SunCatcher with a personal message. Just let us know what you want it to say on it, and we will engrave or print this for you on your SunCatcher. These add that little bit of long lasting colour, whatever the weather and can bring a ray of light to all settings.

About this SunCatcher ...

This single SunCatcher consists of:- a 15cm wide, glowing light collector in red, orange, yellow, green or blue - a 75cm long, black swing rod,- a matching support ring and end cap. And your personal message will be engraved or printed on the SunCatcher. Just follow the personalisation instructions. Planted it is about 70cm high and looks great in a bouquet of flowers, in the garden, in a memorial location.

What are SunCatcher?...

SunCatcher are a new and unique form of decoration. They collect the light of the sun and shine for you when the sun is not. SunCatcher come in various colours, shapes and sizes. All designed to add some extra durable colour.

How do SunCatcher work?...

SunCatcher transform short wave spectral light we cannot see into long wave visible light. Accordingly, they are at their brightest, when there is less visible light around us. In the early hours as well as in the late hours of the day or when the sun is hiding behind clouds they will gather the light we cannot see and bring it back to us the brightest red, green, yellow orange and blue, just when we miss it most. SunCatcher work all year long and do not need any battery or power supply. Just a little bit of daylight is enough to start them glow.

SunCatcher made from 3mm thick, fluorescent premium acrylic and swing rod made from glass fibre

- Glowing light collector approx.: 150mm / 5,91 inch x 150mm / 5,91 inch adjusted to shape
- Height of ornament: 750mm / 29,53 inch

What's included:
- Glowing light collector (longest side approx.:150mm / 5,91 inch)
- swing rod (length approx.: 750mm / 29,53
- support ring and end cap

Quality product for extra strong glow effect

10 years manufacturer warranty

Made in Scotland

...Collect more Sun!

Dimensions 400×180×20mm
Manufacturer Sun Catcher Garden Decor
Manufacturing country United Kingdom